Today marks the end of working 8 days straight with 2 calls flanked in between after a 2-day leave. It was tiring… but still somewhat fulfilling. I guess the 2nd call made it better. After a disappointing first call this month, I got to sleep eat bathe for the 2nd call. Plus the MOs were super nice. Plus I picked up a NSTEMI and helped to manage a seizure on call. It was cool.

Not really great in a way cos right after managing that seizure on call, my own patient became super unwell and fitted too. Nonetheless, it’s an experience we all need. Let’s hope he makes it this time too. Also should read up about loading AEDs and stuff.

Trippy song for the weekend.

Fat rolls converging

I’m done with my weekend rounds for the month but sadly not my calls. A little more to the end of the month!

Woke up early and took a walk at Macritchie reservoir today with Spouse. It felt refreshing to be under the blue skies again in shorts and T-shirt. I sort of realised there was a creepy stranger only when we stopped at the pavilion and the guy was there too. We waited for a long time before he left. All along I thought he was just walking along the same path… cos there was only 1 path haha. One day I may just very well get mugged man.

It was a good catch up and back and forth of stories from the past 3 weeks. And then we rambled on about other random stuff. Hahaha I think this is the first time I chilled with a friend at a MRT platform because we didn’t really know where to go. The eating though, was way more than the exercise/ diet of a normal human on a normal day. 1.5 prata, 1+ burger, 1 bubble tea, 2 pieces of jelly, 2 pieces of chicken wings, 2 pieces of watermelon. Cray. BO ++.

I think I’m contented with my life now, but there’s always this slight nagging fear that it’s going to remain stagnant like that for a long time. It’s like when you are doing a hike and this is the rest point. It feels so good to recharge, but at the same time you start wondering if you are just going to choose to go down, stay longer or continue up. And there is always a time limit, whether it’s the time the sun sets, or when your youth fizzles out.


I think I’m much better off compared to my peers in terms of workload, but I can’t help but feel that work can still get pretty painful. It’s especially so when you are trying to be fast. Ironically, the faster you work, the higher the chance for inefficiency and mistakes. Now I’m just hoping I had not missed out on a patient’s antibiotics for discharge medications. Meh, crossing my fingers when I go back and check tomorrow. Which also leads me to thinking about how inefficient the system is in some ways. If only there is a way to automatically translate all that handwritten work into orders/requests immediately.

On a side note, that ‘decrease in empathy’ as you start working feels real.

I think I have been really lucky all my life so far. Sometimes even when the going gets tough, I’ll bumble along anyhow. There usually isn’t an ultimate goal that I work towards. Everything is short term. Finish this exam, finish that exam. Holiday next. Clean this, do that. I guess the ‘ultimate goal’ is really getting to keep my life in check. But sometimes, you just feel like you gotta go out there and do a bit more in life.

Anyway, to do list:

  • Order commencement gown (i have a feeling I’ll get call on that day)
  • Open OCBC360 account – why you reject my signature zz
  • Figure out how to claim SMA membership fee from PTF
  • Book and go for dental appointment
  • Do the paper :<
  • Vesak Day CG-1 dinner
  • Finish NZ trip post!